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Driversnote uses local reimbursement rates based on your tax authority's current mileage allowance. If you are reimbursed at a different rate from your employer, you can easily set that up with Driversnote.

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If you created a Driversnote account after November 27, 2020, your reimbursement rates are applied to workplaces, instead of vehicles. The steps are the same as below, however, when creating a new custom rate, Workplaces will show up, instead of Vehicles.

Set up a custom rate in the Driversnote mobile app

  1. Go to Settings and tap on Mileage rates

  2. If you have more than one vehicle, select the vehicle you'd like the new rate to be applied to

  3. Change the reimbursement rate type to "Custom rates"
  4. Tap Create custom rate

  5. Enter the custom rate that you would like to be applied to your mileage within a certain time frame
  6. Tap Save to save your custom reimbursement rate and to apply it to all trips within your selected time period (including those you've already created)

Set up a custom rate on the Driversnote website

  1. Log in on the Driversnote website
  2. Go to Settings -> Mileage rates, then choose the vehicle you'd like to set a custom rate for

  3. Select Custom rates and confirm your choice

  4. Click on +Create custom rate in the upper right corner of the page
  5. Enter the rate you'd like applied to your mileage, and the time period you'd like to have this rate for
  6. Click Save to save your choice - the custom reimbursement rate will be applied to all trips in the selected time frame


You can also set a custom rate once you're on your Reports page. When creating a report, click/tap on Reimbursement settings, then follow the steps above (for the mobile app or the website).

Edit your custom reimbursement rate

To edit a custom rate you've set, simply select the rate from the list. You can edit the rate and time period. Press Save to save the edit, or Delete, if you'd like to delete the custom reimbursement rate.


Make sure that you have selected the correct custom reimbursement rate, or you may be required to pay taxes on incorrect mileage calculations.

Common questions

Q: I have tracked trips, but I cannot see any reimbursement applied, what can I do?

The most common reason users cannot see a reimbursement rate is because the previous reimbursement period has ended. All you need to do is follow the above steps to create a new rate for the current period.

Q: I set a new reimbursement rate, why didn't it change my reports?

Reports you have already created, can't be edited, so their reimbursement amount won't change either. Simply create a new report after setting up you custom reimbursement rate.

Q: How does Driversnote calculate reimbursement rates?

Tax authorities update reimbursement rates about once a year. We constantly update our system to ensure that you have the most up-to-date reimbursement rate for your region.

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