How to: add a new vehicle

You can create a vehicle in the app or on the web. 

In the app, go to Settings > Vehicles

On the web, go to Settings > Vehicles then click + Create Vehicle

When creating a vehicle there are several things you will need to answer:

Vehicle name: This can be anything you like, whether a model name or nickname. It will not be shown on your report

License Plate: A handy way to keep track of your vehicles. This will be shown on your report but is optional. 

Odometer: If you need it, select the frequency for odometer readings - monthly, weekly, daily.

Type: Select car or motorcycle. For any other kind of vehicle you can choose car. 

Country: The country you are driving in (not the country the car is from).  This is crucial for making sure your tracking has the correct measurements and mileage/reimbursement rates for your country and cannot be changed later.

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