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Are you tired of using a manual mileage log for your trips?

Driversnote helps you log your mileage for reimbursement and tax deduction purposes. You can record trips, classify them and create tax-compliant documentation, ready to hand over. 

Driversnote has both a mobile app and a website you can use with the same login, making it easy to use on the go or from a computer. For the best experience, we recommend using both. The mobile app allows you to have your logbook always at hand and track your mileage in real-time and the website makes it easier to go over past trips and edit them. 

Download the Driversnote mobile app for Android and iPhone.

Visit Driversnote’s website. You login to your account by using the "Log in" link at the top right.

We know a lot of people forget to track their trips and that’s why we have the iBeacon. Learn more about how to track your trips automatically.

The iBeacon and the app on your phone work great together!
The iBeacon and the app on your phone work great together!

Remember: The iBeacon is not a GPS tracker and does not track trips by itself. It works in combination with the app on your phone to provide a better tracking experience! 

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What you can do with Driversnote

Track your mileage

When you first set up to track your trips with Driversnote, our app will guide you to configure your phone for tracking with motion detection. It’s a great way to get started immediately and automatically track your trips! If you need any more help with that process, you can check out our how-to here.

Additionally, you can also create a trip manually, in case you forgot to track it earlier. Check out our guide on creating a trip.

If you want to make your tracking even easier and more accurate, you can automatically track trips using our iBeacon – no need to even open the app to start and stop your trips! If you don’t have an iBeacon, you can purchase one here.

If you have just received your iBeacon and need some help setting up, you can check out our guide on how to set up your iBeacon.

You can edit trip details from the app or later on from the Driversnote website.

Classify trips

By classifying your trips, you provide accurate information to your employer or accountant about your mileage. Categorize trips as Business, Private/Personal (and Medical and Charity in the US).


Create reports of your mileage in PDF and Excel format for your reimbursement claims or tax deductions. You can customize them with any time period and change the rate you are reimbursed at. Claim mileage reimbursement from all your workplaces by creating separate reports for different employers and vehicles. Send your reports to your manager or accountant, or download them. Check our short guide on how to create a report.

First-time setup 

Here are a few features of Driversnote that will come in handy when recording your mileage.

Choose your reimbursement rate

Driversnote will automatically calculate your reimbursement for each trip based on your country’s current mileage rate.

You can always set a custom reimbursement rate if you have a different mileage rate from your country’s standard. See how to create a custom reimbursement rate.

Classify your trips automatically by setting work hours

Set your work hours for automatic classification of your trips. All trips during work hours will be automatically labelled “Business”, and trips outside of your work hours - “Private/Personal”. Here’s how to set your work hours.

Set up your vehicle

When first signing up, the app will create a vehicle for you named “My first vehicle”. We suggest you rename it with your car’s make and model if you should need highly detailed mileage reports. You can also input your vehicle’s license plate number. See how to edit a vehicle.

Need to log mileage for more vehicles?

You can simply add new vehicles to your “Vehicles” list. You’ll be able to keep separate logbooks for each by assigning your trips to the corresponding vehicle. Learn how to add a new vehicle.

Create a workplace

You will set your workplace when creating an account with Driversnote. Your workplace’s name will appear on your mileage report.

Need to log mileage for multiple workplaces?

Add new businesses/employers from the “Workplaces” list. You’ll be able to assign your mileage to the different employers and create reports for each of them. See how to create a workplace.

Save locations you visit often

When logging trips manually or with your phone’s GPS, “Saved locations” will make it easy to select your trips’ start and end locations - no need to look up the address every time. Read our guide on how to create locations.

Log your odometer readings

You can log your car's odometer with Driversnote. We recommend you check with your employer and/or tax consultant on if you need to add it. You can set a reminder so you remember to log it. The reports will include all odometer readings. Learn more about how to set your odometer.

I just received my iBeacon in the mail

Great! With the iBeacon, you can get even more benefit from using Driversnote! With the iBeacon, you can better  record the start and stop of your trips and if you have more than one vehicle, an iBeacon in each makes splitting trips between your vehicles completely automatic!

If you don’t yet have a Driversnote account, download our app ( Android, iPhone) and sign in in just a few easy steps. Then, you’ll be able to set up and start using your iBeacon.

If you already have the Driversnote app and an account, you can continue with connecting your iBeacon.

See how to set up your iBeacon.


We encourage you to check your trips about once a week to make sure that they are recorded accurately and the iBeacon has a steady connection with the app. If you notice any inaccuracies, don't hesitate to contact us.

Common questions

Q: Do you have a solution for companies?

We do! Our Teams solution provides your business with automatic mileage tracking for employees, simple workflows for tax-compliant mileage reporting, centralised billing, and more.

Q: Is Driversnote paid?

You can use Driversnote for free for up to 15 trips a month or with our unlimited subscription. Learn more about pricing on our website.

Q: Will the iBeacon work with my phone?

The iBeacon works with Android and Apple phones. However, with iPhones, we recommend using an iPhone 6S or newer as GPS usage can be too heavy for phones with older iOS versions. Check out the recommended phone models and operating system versions for your device here

Q: What language is Driversnote available in?

The app is available in English, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, French and Dutch. Find out how you can change the language of the app for your phone. 

Need help setting up?

Contact us at - we’re always here to help you or your colleagues if you should need anything.

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