Set up checklist

Download the Driversnote mobile app for Android and iPhone.

Or sign up through our Driversnote’s website.

Log in and follow the prompts on the screen to set up:

  • Permissions
  • Set up mileage/reimbursement rate
  • Enable auto-tracking
  • Customize auto-tracking
  • Add a few locations

Additional steps (if required) 

  • Log an odometer reading
  • Name your vehicle
  • Name your workplace and add an address
  • Set up reporting periods and reminders
  • Email and push notifications 

That’s it! Let the first trips log on their own and then open the app to review them. Any questions, feel free to email or explore our extensive Help Center. 

What's next?

Classify trips

By classifying your trips, you provide accurate information to your employer or accountant about your mileage. Categorize trips as Business, Private/Personal (and Medical and Charity in the US).


Create mileage reports in PDF and Excel format for reimbursement or tax deductions. Customize them with any time period and reimbursement rate. Claim mileage reimbursement from multiple workplaces with separate reports. Send to manager or accountant, or download. Guide on creating a report.

Set up mileage/reimbursement rate: Do you get the standard rate for your country, a custom amount or do you only need the split between business and personal? Check you have the right one by going to Settings > Mileage rates. Read more: Manage mileage & reimbursement rates

Customize auto-tracking: Set work hours for automatic trip classification. Trips during work hours labeled "Business", trips outside work hours labeled "Private/Personal". Read more: How to add your work schedule

Name your vehicle: When signing up, the app creates a vehicle named “My first vehicle”. Rename it with your car’s make and model for detailed mileage reports. Input your vehicle’s license plate number. Read more: How to edit your vehicle

Need to log mileage for more vehicles? Add new vehicles to your “Vehicles” list. Keep separate logbooks for each by assigning trips to the corresponding vehicle. Read more: How to add vehicles

Name your workplace: You will set your workplace when creating an account with Driversnote. Your workplace’s name will appear on your mileage report.

Need to log mileage for multiple workplaces? Add new businesses/employers from the “Workplaces” list. You’ll be able to assign your mileage to the different employers and create reports for each of them. Read more: How to add workplaces

Save locations you visit often: When logging trips, "Saved locations" makes it easy to select start and end locations - no need to look up the address every time. Read more: How to create locations

Log your odometer readings: Check with your employer and/or tax consultant to see if you need it. Set a reminder to log it. Reports include all odometer readings. Read more: All about odometer readings

Need help setting up?

Contact us at - we’re always here to help you or your colleagues if you should need anything.

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