How to log a trip using GPS

Why should I log my mileage? 

Logging the miles you’ve driven is a great way to get more out of your tax reimbursement, or it may be required by your employer. 

How do I log my trips? 

You can easily log trips in several ways using the Driversnote app. Track your trip in real-time using your phone’s GPS, or add it manually on the app or on our website dashboard. For a completely automatic logbook, check out our iBeacon. 

Track with GPS on the mobile app

1. All trips begin by tapping on the green plus sign and choosing either “Start tracking a trip” or “Create a manual trip”. 

2. Tap “Start tracking trip”

Tip: When you start tracking a trip with your phone’s GPS, it will automatically detect your starting-point address. If it doesn’t, make sure to check your phone’s location settings.

*Tip: Save frequented locations for even faster connection.

3. Tap “Stop” in the upper right-hand corner when your trip has ended and you’re ready to complete and log it.

4. Review your “Trip details” and classify your trip as Business, Personal etc. You can also make a note and record specific details about your trips to support your claims. 

*Tip: If you have more than one vehicle or workplace, be sure that you have selected the correct options. 

Common Questions

Q: Can I log a return-trip or a trip with multiple stops? 

Right now, it isn’t possible to create roundtrips or multi-stop trips. Trips must be logged one at a time. This is in order to create the most clear-cut and internationally accepted log possible. 

Q: How do I delete a trip? 

To delete a trip from the mobile app, select the trip you wish to delete, then tap on the garbage bin icon in the top right corner.

To delete a trip via the Driversnote website, select the trip you wish to delete from Your Trips, then click on the "Delete" button.

*Tip: Once there are trips logged on a vehicle, you cannot delete the vehicle until all trips logged on it are also deleted.

Q: How and why is my reimbursement calculated for each trip? 

Each trip classification has a corresponding reimbursement rate. We automatically calculate reimbursement rates for you based on your local tax authority’s most recent data. However, you can create a custom reimbursement rate.

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