How to track a trip manually in real-time

The following guide will outline how to track your trips live, using the phone's GPS. This is a great alternative to manually adding trips. 

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Track a trip with your phone's GPS while driving

  1. Tap the plus sign (+) and select Start tracking a trip. The app will automatically detect your starting location.
  2. When your trip has ended, tap Stop at the upper right corner to complete the log. If you don't stop the trip yourself, the app will try to verify when you stopped based on your movements. By default, the app will stop a trip after two hours of no movement.
  3. Review your trip details and classify your trip (e.g. Business, Personal/Private, etc). Write a note relevant to your trip (in most countries you need to note who you visited).
  4. You can also edit the trip later. They will be in your Trips section and can easily be edited when you have the time.

Track multi-stop and return trips

We recommend that you track each “leg” of a trip separately. This will give you the most accurate logbook. You can always add notes to each trip to refer to it as one complete trip. The same goes for return trips. We recommend that you track this trip as two separate trips. This ensures that the logbook meets international standards.

How to edit a GPS tracked trip

When you have just stopped the trip, you can immediately edit the name of the address, classify it as business or personal/private and even add a note.

Changing the start or stop location:

You can change the name of a location. For example, if it says 125 MacDonald St., you can create a new location and call it Home. For compliance reasons, it is not possible to edit or change the location, as it has been logged by GPS coordinates. Instead, create a new manual trip with correct locations and then delete the incorrect trip. Learn more about how to manually add a trip.


If you drive a lot, you might consider trying out auto-tracking with motion detection or even auto-tracking with the iBeacon

Common questions

Q: How do I delete a trip?

When you push Stop and have ended the trip, you can tap the trash can icon in the top right corner. Alternatively, you can go into Trips, scroll, find and tap the trip and tap the trash can icon. Read more on how to delete a trip here.

Q: I started the trip too late and need to edit the start location, what do I do?

It is not possible to change the start or end location. But no worries. You can create a new trip manually with the correct locations and delete the other trip.

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