How to connect your iBeacon to a new vehicle

If you need to connect your iBeacon to a new vehicle, for instance, when you get a new car, follow this guide.

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Before connecting the iBeacon, have you added the new vehicle to the app?

  1. Go to Settings in the app menu
  2. Go to Vehicles
  3. Tap Add Vehicle, and fill out the details
  4. Tap Save

Connect the iBeacon to the new vehicle in the app

  1. Go to Settings in the app, then tap iBeacons
  2. Here you’ll be able to see the iBeacon ID code, and the car to which the iBeacon is currently paired. Tap on your iBeacon. Then, tap the name of your (old) vehicle (in this case, "The main car"). 

Connect and select new vehicle

  1. Select the new vehicle from the "Choose vehicle” window:

Select the new vehicle

  1. The vehicle you choose is now the default vehicle for your iBeacon tracking.

Common questions

Q. Can I track two vehicles using one iBeacon? 

Yes, however, we recommend purchasing and connecting an iBeacon for each vehicle to track automatically and avoid tracking trips on the wrong vehicle. To purchase additional iBeacons click here.

Q. Will the iBeacon work in my region? 

Yes. The iBeacon uses your phone’s GPS to automatically track your mileage. Any place in the world with GPS accessibility will be able to support the iBeacon. 

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