How to classify trips

Your mileage reports should include both the personal and business use of a vehicle in order to be considered fully compliant documentation for your deductions or reimbursement. 

With Driversnote you can easily classify each trip in the mobile app and on the website. You can also set your working hours in order to have your trips classified automatically based on the time of day.
If you don’t have set working hours in the app, each logged or recorded trip will be classified as the last one. So, if the last drive you took was “Business”, the next drive you track will also be classified as a business trip.


Driversnote users in the United States also have the options of classifying trips as “Charity” and “Medical or Moving”, besides the “Personal” and “Business” types.

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Classify your trips in the mobile app

You can see how each of your trips is classified in the Driversnote app in your “Trips” list. 

1. To change a trip’s type, tap on the trip you wish to edit, then select the correct purpose.

2. Tap Done in the upper left corner to save the change you’ve made.

Classify your trips on Driversnote’s website

You can see how your trips are classified in the Trips list when you log in to

1. To change a trip’s type, click on the trip you’d like to edit, then click on the Purpose dropdown menu to select the correct classification.

2. Click the Save button to save the change you’ve made.

Set your working hours for automatic classification

You can set working hours in the Driversnote app for automatic classification of trips. For example, if you set your working hours from 9 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday, all drives taken from 9 am to 5 pm during weekdays will be classified as business trips.

See how to set your working hours.

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