How to classify trips

Your mileage reports should include both your personal and business use of a vehicle in order to be fully compliant as documentation for your deductions or reimbursement. 
With Driversnote you can easily classify your trips in the mobile app, or on the website. You can also set your working hours in order to have your trips classified automatically based on the time of day.
If you have not selected standard classification or have not set working hours in the app, each logged or recorded trip will be classified as the last one. So, if the last trip you took was “Business”, the next trip you track will also be classified as a business trip.

Need to classify multiple trips at once? Head over to our website for bulk actions and quick trip classification.


Driversnote users in the United States also have the options of classifying trips as “Charity” and “Medical or Moving”.

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Classify your trips in the mobile app

Classify and approve your most recent trips. Your most recently tracked trips can be found in the Inbox tab, and you can change the classification as well as other edits and then Approve them. Please note, you can always skip this step and can always find and edit trips in the “Trips” list under the tab “All”.

Inbox/Trips to review:

  1. To change a trip’s classification, scroll to the trip in question and select the correct purpose
  2. Tap Approve and continue to the next trip 

You can see how each of your trips are classified in the Driversnote app in your “Trips” list. 
  1. To change a trip’s classification, tap on the trip you wish to edit, then select the correct purpose
  2. Tap Done in the upper left corner to save the change you’ve made

Did you know?

When using an iPhone, you can approve trips or edit their classification without even opening the app! When you see a notification for a trip, if you long-press that notification, you will get the option to either Approve the trip or reclassify it to either Business or Personal (depending on how it was automatically classified). An even quicker way to classify and approve your trips!

Classify from a notification

Classify your trips on Driversnote’s website

When you log in to our web version, you’ll see all your trips under Trips. To change the classification of your trips, you can use our quick actions feature, bulk actions feature, or click on an individual trip and change it there.

Quick Actions

Hover over each trip and click on the trip type symbol to change it. While you are there, you can also change the vehicle, workplace, or delete a trip.

Bulk Actions

Select all the trips you want to change the trip type for. Use the “Bulk Actions Menu” - Click on the trip type symbol and select the trip type.

Individual Trips

Simply click on the specific trip. The trip details will pop up and you can change the trip type there.

Set your working hours for automatic classification

You can set working hours in the Driversnote app for automatic classification of trips. For example, if you set your working hours to 9 am - 5 pm from Monday to Friday, all drives taken from 9 am to 5 pm during weekdays will be classified as business trips. Read more here: how to set your working hours.

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