Intro to tracking and logging trips

With Driversnote, you can track and log trips in several different ways. The following guide will outline the 3 different ways to track your trips in real time. Did you forget to track a trip, or not a fan of real-time tracking? You can always log them manually with the app or the website dashboard.   

Tracking a trip with your phone's GPS

Open the app each time you drive and tap “Start tracking a trip”. At each destination, tap “Stop”. Repeat this process.

In-depth guide: Manually log trips in real time

Auto-tracking with Motion Detection

Automatically track trips with only your phone. It starts tracking when you are moving above a certain speed, and apart from drives, it might also log bike rides, runs, and trips with public transportation. We recommend reviewing the trips at the end of each day, deleting the irrelevant ones or upgrading to the iBeacon.

In-depth guide: Motion detection for iPhone users / Motion detection for Android users

Auto-tracking with an iBeacon

The iBeacon is a small device that you place in your vehicle (in the side door or glove compartment). It connects the app to a specific vehicle, only tracking the necessary trips by telling Driversnote when you enter and exit the vehicle.

In-depth guide: Auto-tracking with iBeacon for iPhone users / Auto-tracking with iBeacon for Android users

Log a trip manually in the mobile app or the website

Enter each trip's start and end address, and we’ll calculate the distance and route for you. You can do this in the app and also on our web version. 

In-depth guide: Log trips manually

Which method should I use?

We suggest auto-tracking with motion detection to start. It will allow you to test out the features and see just how easy it is to start noting down all your trips. Then upgrade to the iBeacon to make your logbook documentation go even faster! 


You can customize your auto-tracking by setting work hours, and trip type. Guide: Work Schedule


You can add the locations that you regularly visit to your "Locations". This will save you time when creating tips manually. Guide: Saved Locations

Common questions

Q: How do I edit a trip?

There are different ways to edit a trip depending on if it is a manually logged trip or an auto-tracked trip. If you need to edit a trip, you can do that either from the app or on the Driversnote website. Learn How to edit a trip.

Q: How do I track and log return trips?

Under your Trips list, click on the + sign and the next trip will automatically select the last address as the new starting address. 

Q: How do I track and log multi-stop trips?

While it is not possible to create multi-stop trips, you can log each trip separately from a starting point to a single destination. This ensures that the logbook meets international standards. However, we are looking into making it easier to log round trips, return trips, and trips with multiple stops.

Q: Can I use both Auto-tracking with the iBeacon and Auto-tracking with motion detection to track my trips?

It's not possible to track both concurrently. You will need to switch over from Auto-tracking with motion detection to Auto-tracking with the iBeacon (or the opposite). To do that, simply open the Driversnote app, go to Settings > Auto-tracking > enable the auto-tracking method you would like to use to track your mileage.

Q: What is the difference between auto-tracking with the iBeacon and auto-tracking with motion detection?

Auto-tracking with motion detection is enabled on all Driversnote accounts when you first download the app. The iBeacon comes for free with the Basic annual subscription or it can be purchased alongside the monthly plan. The iBeacon offers precise tracking on specific vehicles. If you have more than one vehicle, then you can have multiple iBeacons making sure all tracking is automatically classified under the correct vehicle. 

Q: How can I keep track & manage fuel consumption, tolls, or other expenses?

We suggest that you add your expenses as a note pertaining to an individual trip. The note will then be visible both in the PDF and the Excel version of the downloaded report. Alternatively, you can download the report as an Excel file and add it there.

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