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Driversnote allows you to track and log trips both manually and with our two forms of auto-tracking. We know that from time to time, you need to edit a trip. Perhaps you classified a trip as Business when it should have been Personal/Private? Or you would like to add a note on a trip with the name of the client you visited. You have the ability to easily edit and delete trips both within the mobile app and on our website

In the article below we will show you how, and we will share our best tips and tricks! 

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Review your auto-tracked trips

Your auto-tracked trips will be added by default to the To review list in the mobile app. From here you can revise them and approve them one at a time or delete the ones you don’t need. More specifically, while reviewing them, you can edit the name of the start/stop location, the time and date, the vehicle, and the workplace. You can also classify them as business or personal/private, and add a note. Afterward, click approve and they are ready for reporting.

Once a trip is reviewed, it will be moved to the All list. 

Please note

Manually logged trips are added by default directly to the All list.


You can always scroll to the bottom of your To review list and tap Approve all. Alternatively, you can ignore them all, as all the trips will be in your Trips section (whether you approve them or not).


If you are constantly having to change your trips' type, you can save time by setting up your work hours and let the app categorize your trips based on departure time as either business or personal/private. Read more here

Edit a trip from the mobile app

To edit a trip in the mobile app:

  1. Open the app
  2. Tap on Trips > All
  3. Find the trip you wish to edit, then tap to show the Trip details. From here you can edit all trip details, including address, classification (business & private/personal), and vehicle. If you wish to change the time and date for a trip, tap on the time and date shown under the address of your trip.


You can make a note in order to record specific details about your trip. For example details pertaining to your trip (like allowances, services, fuel and other expenses). These note will then show up both in the list of trips and in your downloaded reports.

Edit a trip from the Driversnote website

  1. Login using your e-mail and password, then click Trips
  2. Find the trip you would like to edit and click on it to reveal the trip details. To edit the time and date of your trip, click directly on the numbers you wish to change.
  3. Click Save to save the trip changes.

Delete a trip from the mobile app

To delete a trip from the mobile app, select the trip you wish to delete from your Trips list. Then, tap on the garbage bin icon in the top right corner.

Please note

If you need to delete a vehicle, you'll first need to delete the trips registered with it. 

Delete a trip on the Driversnote website

To delete a trip via the Driversnote website, select the trip you wish to delete from your Trips list, then click on the Delete button in the selected trip details.

Please note

Once there are trips logged on a vehicle, you cannot delete the vehicle until all trips logged on it are also deleted.

Common Questions

Q: I cannot find an address, what should I do? 

The simplest solution is often to create a saved location, which enables your device to rapidly find an address rather than searching for it. To learn how to create a Saved Location click  here.

Q: How do I make a multi-stop / round trip? 

With the Driversnote app you can only track your trips from point to point to record your full logbook. A full logbook entails that you record all the stops you make, which is the reason why we recommend you log each part of your trip separately, from a starting point to a single destination. 

In other words, if you have made one trip with multiple stops, you will need to log each ''leg'' of the trip separately. You can also add a relevant note to each trip (to show that it was all the same trip). 

Q: How can I create a return trip? 

You can easily create a return trip manually both in the mobile app and on the website

Q: How can I change the currency of the reimbursement amount shown in my trip logs?

The reimbursement amount for your Business trips will have the currency of the country that your vehicle is registered under in the Driversnote app. 

If you need to change the rate that is applied, you can set a custom mileage rate. Read more at our guide on How to manage mileage & reimbursement rates

Q: Is it possible to change the distance measure units from kilometers to miles (and vice versa)?

As a general rule of thumb, if your vehicle's country in the Driversnote app is set to be United States, United Kingdom, Liberia or Myanmar then distance will be shown in miles. 

Q: I've edited a trip, but the changes are not showing up in my report. 

If you make changes to your logged trips (or log new trips) after creating a report, those changes will not be seen on the saved report and you will need to create a new one. Here's our short guide on How to create a report

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