How to: move trips between vehicles

Did your trips get recorded to the wrong vehicle? No problem! 

At any time, you can open a trip in the app and change the vehicle selected for the trip. 

In the Inbox, you can change the vehicle classification by tapping on the current vehicle, selecting a different vehicle from the list then tapping Mark as reviewed to move the trip to your All trips tab.

In the All trips tab you can tap on any trip to open it, tap the vehicle and select a new vehicle, then tap Done at the top to save the change.

But if you log in to the web to access your account, we have more extensive options available to do this, including bulk editing of the vehicle selected in trips.

  1. Log in on the web
  2. Select all the trips you wish to move
  3. On the Bulk Actions Menu, click the vehicle symbol 
  4. Click on the new vehicle
  5. All the selected trips have now been moved to the new vehicle

Tip! Make sure the iBeacon is connected to the correct vehicle and consider getting more than one iBeacon if you track your driving in different vehicles.

Need to move trips between workplaces as well? Check out our guide

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