How to: connect the iBeacon to a new vehicle

So you’ve got a new car - what do you do to get tracking that new vehicle?

First of all, you need to add the new vehicle in the app.

Then once you’ve got that vehicle setup, you connect it to the iBeacon with these steps:

  1. Go to Settings, then tap iBeacons
  2. Here you’ll be able to see the iBeacon ID code, and the car to which the iBeacon is currently paired. Tap on your iBeacon. Then, tap the name of the iBeacon
  3. Select the new vehicle under the Vehicle list
  4. The vehicle you choose is now the default vehicle for tracking with this iBeacon

The iBeacon will work anywhere in the world that your app works. By connecting to your phone via Bluetooth, it tells your app when trips start and stop and which vehicle you were using in each trip.

Tip: If you want to track two or more vehicles you do that by using an iBeacon in each vehicle. You can connect as many iBeacons to your app as you wish. 

Note: We do not recommend moving the same iBeacon between two vehicles because your tracking will not be accurate and you will still have to manually select which vehicle you have used for each trip. It will work much better to use a separate iBeacon in each vehicle.

Tip! If you forgot to move the iBeacon to the new vehicle when you switched, you can move trips over to the correct vehicle

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