What mileage/reimbursement rate should I set?

The app's standard reimbursement rates are based on your tax authority's current mileage (or kilometre) allowance. If you are reimbursed at a different rate from your employer, you can set that up instead. 

For users who don’t need a reimbursement rate, there is an option to set up a percentage split between business and personal trips. 

In the app and on our website, the terms, mileage rate, reimbursement rate, etc., are interchangeable.

No matter your chosen rate, trips tracked within the rate period will automatically have the correct rate calculated and applied. 

If you’re unsure about what reimbursement rate to choose, we recommend contacting your local tax authority or accountant for guidance. 

Tip: If you edit a custom rate or create a new one to a start date before today, the new rate will be applied to previous trips tracked within the time period you’ve selected.

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