How to upgrade to the Basic Subscription

If you’re tracking more trips than allowed on the free Lite version, you may want to upgrade to our Basic plan so you can be sure to get your full reimbursement. The Basic plan enables you to track and report unlimited trips. You’ll also be able to access all past trips and create reports for them.

We offer both monthly and yearly subscriptions, and if you purchase a yearly subscription we’ll even send you a free iBeacon so you can track automatically on a specific vehicle.

How much does it cost to upgrade?

To see the subscription price in your local currency, log in to Your Account and go to our pricing page to choose the plan that best suits your needs. 

There is no minimum term for a subscription, and you can cancel at any time.

How do I upgrade?

  1. Sign in on our website and go to Your subscription.
  2. Click Upgrade and you’ll then be directed to choose a plan and payment option.
  3. You can choose between monthly and yearly subscriptions. 
  4. Select how many iBeacons you want to purchase (select 0 if you do not want one).

How do I upgrade a Team?

If you have a team and would like to purchase a plan for your team members, please check out our guide Getting started with Teams. You’ll be able to set up centralized billing from one account.

Common Questions?

Q: Do I need to purchase an iBeacon?

Nope! The purpose of the iBeacon is for automatic tracking of trips to a specific vehicle. You can read more here
Q: I have more than one vehicle? How many subscriptions do I need?
You will need one subscription per person. If you want to have auto-tracking on both vehicles, you can purchase an additional iBeacon.  
Q: I paid, why my account is not upgraded / why do I still see the trip limit
It is possible that you have upgraded on the wrong account/email address. If this is the case, please email our support team and we will help get it moved over. 
If you have a created a team (even with just one member), you might need to assign the subscription. You will need to go to, click on Actions and assign yourself the Basic license. 
Q: What payment methods do you offer?
We accept all major payment cards and support transactions in a range of currencies.
Q: My card is not supported. What do I do?
We only accept credit cards at the moment. If you are using a credit card, and it is being denied, please reach out to us so we can look into this and help out. 
Q: I am using a credit card, but the payment is not going through?
There are several reasons a payment can be denied. Our best advice is to contact us if this happens and we will look into it right away.

Still have questions? 

If you’re unsure about anything, feel free to contact us. One of our awesome support team members will try to respond within 1 working day.

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